Sunday, 9 June 2013

Etude House Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling (Nutrient Rich Yogurt Gommage Peel) review

Recently I've been stocking up a lot on Etude House products. There's just so many different promotions happening at the same time (buy 1 free 1, 50% for weekends etc).  Curious about what I bought? You can have a look at my previous hauls HERE and HERE.  You can also have a look at the reviews that I've posted on their various products: My Dear Jelly Lips Talk, Nail Polishes, Cleansing Foam, Wash Off Mask .

Today’s review is all about this bottle of Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling (Nutrient Rich Yogurt Gommage Peel) from Etude House. 

1 bottle of the Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling = 115ml and cost around RM 65.90. The bottle is actually made out of glass and its in my favourite colour - lilac ^o^ Maybe I should turn the bottle into a home d├ęcor item once I'm done with the product. What do you think?

The product is in liquid form. Its texture is very light, its not too runny, creamy or sticky. I'd love to say it smells like yogurt but nah - its all chemical + yogurt.
Here's the 3 simple steps to removing oil, dirt and dead skin cells effectively with Etude House Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling (Nutrient Rich Yogurt Gommage):
1. Put sufficient amount of product on your face or whichever part that you want to remove your dead skin cells.
2. When you feel the product is half dry (don't worry it only takes around 1 minute to dry if you did step 1 right), start rubbing lightly. You will have "eraser bits" forming over your skin.
3. Cleanse with water.
Ta-daa, now you have super smooth, clean and clearer skin ^o^. Use twice a week!!!

1. It forms the rubber bits easily and removes oil, dirt and dead skin cells at the same time. You can see that my hand doesn't "shine" as much after rubbin
2. 1 bottle can really last you for very long - save on $$$$. 
3. It brightens your skin 

Well doesn't have any unless you left the product on for too long and it dries up before you rub the dirt off. I think that is also why some people find it hard to use this particular products.

Honestly I think this product is a keeper. I'm soo in love with it at the moment. I'm even using it for my feet (Yeah, my main aim of getting this product was to remove dead skin cells from my feet because I walk a lot and well I just think that my feet needs a good scrubbin' and rubbin' to be baby smooth again ^o^).

*Shout Out* - Sha, if you want to try the product, let me know so i'll bring it to you :P



Beautiful Things (Angie) said...

This is really interesting.. Rubbing off dead skin... First time hearing it .. Ill go check them out next time i go shopping :)

illy ariffin said...

nice review christine :)

Christine K said...

@Beautiful Thinga (Angie), Yeah it is really interesting, I'm still wondering how actually changes form

@Illy, thanks babe :)

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