Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Summer Arms Challenge

There are so many workout challenges posted on the internet and how many people have actually succeeded in  following it through? I know I don't and I've never really tried it out.

TOday I will be attempting a 7 days summer arms challenge by SkinnyMs.com. Since I've never really succeeded in toning my arms this would be quite an experience. My arms are never toned, its just as flabby as - well if you can imagine the front portion of a pork leg, that would be it!!! It takes twice or triple the time i have to workout to tone up my triceps.

Now I'm properly taking up this challenge and see how it challenges and makes a different in my normal workout routine.

You can check out the routine here: SkinnyMs Summer Arms Challenge -

*I'm really sorry that I didn't record the measurements of my arm before I started the Challenge,today is actually Day 2 for me but I'll put it up on record just to show the difference at the end of the day.

I"ll be using this measurement from eHow.

and just so that you know I'm not cheating - i'm posting photographs of the measurements

forearm : 9 inches
flexed and unflexed arm : 14.2 inches 
upper arm : 15.5 inches
Day 1:

Tricep Push Up - 12 reps
Bicep Curls - 12 reps
Tricep KickBacks - 12 reps
(3 circuits for the routine)

The Tricep Push Up was a real challenge on the 2nd and 3rd circuit - sadly that goes to show how my arms have not exercised properly!!! Don't worry, the rest was a breeze :P

Day 2:

Tricep Dips - 20 reps
(rest 1 minute before starting the next exercise)
4 minute blaster - Tabata Formula : 20 secs exercise +10 secs rest (its all greek to me - luckily SkinnyMs posted a vid on it - look tough but boring)

OMG - my arms are killing me with just the dips - still sore from day 1!!! and WOW - the tabata formula - lets just say my glutes are crying :( can't wait to rest & recover tomorrow

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