Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I really really love to join giveaways and take my chance in winning something - so far, I've tried my luck in winning Sigma Brush, Naked and Naked 2 pallete, Marc Jacob's Carmine Bag, LV bag etc. Its not like I need those giveaway items (eventhough for some items like the Marc Jacob's giveaway, I really really dream of owning it, ohhh the softness of the bag, the shiny chains and the lovely black ....*drooling away*)

ehem, I'm not here to tell you how much I love to join giveaways but I'm here to give you that chance to actually win prizes and giveaways from blogs and youtubes. One such website that I found is HaulerDeals. It is a place for those who "hunt for amazing fashion, gather their favourites and share it with the world". Do check out the beauty guru channels on the top right, they are just amazing!!!

Click on this link HERE to join plyfe (HaulerDeals has a point based contest), play to earn points and enter the contests in haulerdeals to win yourself a giveaway!!! I mean seriously, WHY NOT? 

A peak at what they had given away in APRIL:


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