Monday, 29 April 2013

Mary Kay One Woman Can Beauty Contest and let your dreams come true!!!

In conjunction with their 50th Anniversary celebration, Mary Kay has organised the One Woman Can beauty contest which had started since 8th March. This time one FIVE winners will get to go on a Fun and Fabulous trip to the fashion capital of Hong Kong and be trained by Asia's Top Model plus the opportunity to be the next Mary Kay Cover Girl  in ASIA!!!

Here's how you can enter the contest:

1. Find a beauty consultant
Click on this link HERE to find a beauty consultant near you if you don't have one already.

2. Share your photos and tell your story 
Remember to take a "before" and "after" photo and upload it to Mary Kay's site. Don't forget to tell your story on your exciting journey ^o^

3. Tell your friends and family and get Voted!!!
The more votes you get the closer you are to winning this awesome opportunity.

The contest is ending in a few days time ie 10th May 2013. If you are very serious about being the next Mary Kay's cover girl in Asia then you had better call your beauty consultant for an appointment right NOW.

Check out more about the contest or products @ Mary Kay's
Makeover Contest Website:


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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Urban Decay Naked 3 swatch and review

Morning darlings,

Do you remember my previous post on the upcoming Urban Decay Naked 3 palette? I am really glad that I had actually stumbled into it. With all the big commotion on UD's Nakeds, I'm sure some of you, like me, are rather obsessed with Urban Decay products, especially their Naked palettes.  Mind you, ever since the 'leak', there are days where I had actually google and re-google the swatches, just to oogle on it; lets say I was practically staring at it mindlessly.

Whilst I was still contemplating what to get for myself this December (every year I'd get something special for myself in December; a gift to myself to remind me of the wonderful times I've had), Sephora had announced that the Naked 3 palette is available in MALAYSIA!!! oh dear, I thought I read it wrongly and had to ask my friends if it were true. I just had to get my hands on them, no matter what the price is. True enough, it cost me RM188 and i'm having roti everyday just because I had overspent :(

BUT I am currently a very happy roti muncher. Let's look at the palette!!!


Free gift: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in 

Original, Eden, Sin and Anti-Aging
Each sample pod holds about a week's worth of primer


Naked 3 palette and crease & shadow brush

From the left:   1.Strange   2.Dust   3. Burnout   4.Limit   5.Buzz   6.Trick

From the left:   7.Nooner   8.Liar   9.Factory   10.Mugshot   11.Darkside   12.Blackheart

I love all of the colours and had a hard time to choose my favourite :P


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Etude House Dear My Party Nails (PBK803) swatch

I had a really great nail polish haul at Etude House last month and here's one of my favourites: Etude House Dear My Party Nails in PBK803 swatch:

Etude House nail polish is super easy to swatch. Here I have 2 swatches on my nails. The nail polish is jelly based and its quite opaque - great for layering on top of other colours!!!!

I really don't know how to describe this nail polish, there's so much going on in there; black and white small glitters, hexagon blue, black and white glitters in different sizes etc. Just look at the bottle below, isn't it just awesome. I think you'll need about 3 - 4 swatches to get a really thorough coverage.

I wish this nail polish has a really cool name instead of numbers because its so hard to refer to it whenever someone ask me what shade is this :(   

Hope you enjoy this little quickie ^o^


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Monday, 22 April 2013

My Beauty Diary: Mexico Cactus Mask Review

I've had such a hectic week that I was horrified to see myself in the mirror today. All I can see is this girl with such terrifying red puffy eyes, dark eye circles, red patches around the face and some unwanted acnes here and there. OMG that is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!! Girls, no matter how busy you are, it is important to take care of yourself instead of letting your "busy-ness" take care of you.

*Lets skip the part on how I de-puffed my eyes, there will be a short post on it soon ;)* All I need is to hydrate and moisturise my skin. Last week I had received the most wonderful gift from my dear friend Michelle. Masks!!!!!!! Loads and loads of masks!!!!! Today I am going to try out - le Mexico Cactus Mask ^o^ 

I was skeptical at first because well you know, how is it possible that this mask can hydrate and moisturise better than the other products that My Beauty Diary has but I was very wrong. I fell in love with this mask the moment I had put it on my face. There's a slight tingling sensation - lol I meant the GOOD tingling type. Its more or less like the feeling that you get when you put ice directly on your skin (before the coldburn). I don't want to take this mask off my face anymore. My hand is soo smooth that I can't stop touching it!!!!

Before and After Photo:

My face - all dry and flaky!!!! You can even count the bumps near my forehead YUCKS!!!

My face after using the mask. Its sooo shiny and smooth!!!! The bumps are significantly reduced and the flaky-ness is gone!!!! All I can say is WOW!!!

This mask suits ALL skin types especially for people with dry and sensitive skin. Great for summer, especially people who has sunburn - the aloe extract in it soothes the skin and it is a super hydrating mask that would keep you from having patchy, peeling skin.

Definitely one of my favourites at the moment. This is gonna be my must have mask when I am travelling.


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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Wonderbox March 2013 - Summer Lust!!!!

Oh dear I know this is a very late review of the March Wonderbox but bear with me as it has to be done to show all of you a bigger picture in the next post :)

Its summer time and most beauty boxes are incorporating sunblocks, hand creams and products that suits the summer season. One word of advise, products are not miracle workers, it may be able to change your looks for a moment but it still depends on your internal body condition as well i.e. your food - you need a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated and eat vegetables to give you the protein your body needs, different body parts needs different vitamins to 'boost up'. On to the March Wonderbox; well I wasn't too excited about the March edition - I love MURAD products and I certainly love hand creams but this edition just lacks the WOW factor for me.

1. MURAD Oil Free Sunblock SPF 30: RM 170 (50ml)

A patented, antioxidant-rich formula that prevents signs of premature aging caused by environmental exposure. Its lightweight, shine-free formula provides high UVA/UVB protection while micro-minerals leave an oil-free matte finish

2. MURAD Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture: RM 298 (50ml)

This product features an extraordinary blend of super-hydrating ingredients that quench skin and restore youthful resiliency and tone, making it the most opulent moisturizer ever to appear in the MURAD line.

3. MURAD Active Radiance Serum: RM 398 (30ml)

The active radiance serum restores skin's natural radiance, resilience and clarity with Resilient-C Complex, a new stable vitamin C technology that delivers 50 times the collagen-building, skin-brightening and cell protecting power of ordinary topical Vitamin C.

4. ELIANTO Lustro Lip Gloss: RM 13*

Elianto's Lustro Lip Gloss gives lips a lacquer-like finish. Enhances the shape and contour of your lips to give you a glossy lustre lips.

5. WILD FERNS Manuka Honey Conditioning Hand Creme
NZ$ 11*

An intensive hand and nail creme contains the beneficial properties of Active Manuka AAH (Antibacterial, Antioxidant-Honey) 650+ blended with Prosina, a hydrolysed Keratin derived from New Zealand Sheep's wool.

WTF - sheeps wool???? I have no idea sheeps wool can be made into one of the ingredients in a hand creme - very interesting though.

(*prices indicated are from what I found on various websites and not the original retail price)

What I think:
Way too many MURAD products!!!! I love MURAD but I'd like to have some other products to try on as well. Hope this is just one of thos 'bad days' for them. I'll still root for you. Gambatte ne ^o^


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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Vanity Trove Malaysia April 2013 - The Shower of Summer

Hello lovelies, here's Vanity Trove April 2013 edition - The Shower of Summer. I can't believe summer is almost here (it feels the same throughout the year when you are in Malaysia LOL) - BIKINI TIME!!!!!

Well before we have our bikini party, we definitely have to start preparing ourselves RIGHT NOW. What's better than having summer ready body and beautiful skin to complement it?

I was soo happy to see a box full of products.

1. CLARINS Intensive Brightening Serum: RM 295 (30ml)

This product is one of the most advanced skincare for a fairer and healthier skin. Thanks to the exclusive Trans-Luminescent Complex it has the ability to revive the skin's micro-mirrors at every layer, so that your skin appears clear and radiant. With this ultimate brightening serum, skin looks fair, even and translucent with a rosy glow.

There's actually 5 satchets in the small container. CLARINS is one of the brands that gives out an abundance of samples - you only need to ask ( I know I heard from my friends that not all Clarins counter ladies are friendly but I normally visit the one in Pavillion - they are absolutely lovely ^o^, I've not had any problem there)

2. ORIKS Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream: 
RM 398 (50g)

Developed in France, the Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream is a moisturiser that smoothens wrinkles, tightens pores and brightens your complexion. It contains more than 90 types of natural minerals to boost skin vitality and protect your skin from harsh environmental stressors. When applied, this hydrating formula locks in plenty of moisture to maintain supple and dewy skin after a long day in the hot summer sun.

3. KATE Eyeshadow DB: RM 49 (1.6g)

Each KATE Eyeshadow DB boosts a palette with two shades that can be used individually or mised. What's more, you can create a third colour by mixing the two shades for a beautiful gradation! It is great for bth beginners and professionals and comes in 8 different hues. Turn your classic smoky eye into a colourful twist.

A close up of the eyeshadow palette:

RM 278 (50ml)/ RM 378 (100ml)

Sensual and profound, Classique (EDT) has the timeless fragrance that stands out from all the sugary scents dominating the market these days. The perfect embodiment of sensuality and sophistication, this perfume's charm lies in its deliciously alluring notes containing vanilla musk. Accentuate your womanly charm with this voluptuous pleasure. Be Strong, vibrant and very sexy.

5. PERKINS nail wrap: RM 39.90 (20 strips)

You can check out more about PERKINS nail wrap and their products in my previous post HERE.

Actually I was praying that I wouldn't receive this - I absolutely dislike it. The one I received in February's MODBOX is definitely x100 nicer :(

1. KILADOLL Red Wine Q10 Mask: 

2. ORIKS voucher: Purchase of Platinum Aqua Watery Cream and get a free Platinum BB Cream worth RM 138 

Vanity Trove is finally putting their game face on. The products are soo much better than the last 2 boxes that I had received. Hope they can and will continue to put as much effort in it in the future. Oh and did you know that they have reduced the subscription to only RM50/month.

Click on the photo above to get your May 2013 Vanity Trove now!!!


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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Etude House Happy Teatime Aloe Tea Cleansing Foam Review

Today's review is on Etude House's Happy Teatime Aloe Tea Cleansing Foam!!!

I bought it at the recent Etude House event which was held at Korea Plaza (check out the EVENT here!!!) and paid RM 10 for it. As you can see from the picture, the product size is relatively big, almost twice the size of my hand. I had needed a facial cleanser and this haul was just timely!!! P/S Partly the haul was because of the packaging - its just too cute to resist eventhough its not pink ^o^

Etude House Happy Teatime Aloe Tea Cleansing Foam:

Supplies abundant foam and refreshing tea scent to cleanse and nourish complexion. Contains Aloe Tea extract for moisturizing

The formulae is quite thick. You only need a little bit to wash your face. The scent is really nice, very nice and really soothing, just like a cup of green tea.

Look at the fine foams - great for cleansing out dirts on your face!!! 

Test and Tried:

OMG - I had so many little bumps on my face- this is how my skin is like after i come home from work. Bumps everywhere - yucks!!!! You can also see reddish pigments all over the cheek and side areas.


Although u can see some of the bumps visibly but it has reduced in size. My face looks soo fresh and clean right now and its really smooth.

Why I love it:
1. Good price for a cleanser and the size is just great.
2. It cleanses very well and it keeps the face moisturised (for those who didn't know this - some cleanser actually dries up the skin after cleansing)

1. I actually felt I had used a dishwasher to clean my face - my face was actually squeaky clean - YES it was making the squeaky sound that you hear on the plates LOL!!!!! Personally I only like hearing it on my plates to know that its clean - not my face.

I'd still buy it again - its a good price for a good size and it does what it says - it cleanses and moisturise your face at the same time!!! What do you think? Would you like to try it out?


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Friday, 5 April 2013

Harper's Bazaar Malaysia Limited Edition Lanvin Me Box Set

I've got the last box of Harper's Bazaar Malaysia's Limited Edition Lanvin Me Box Set from Kinokuniya, KLCC with Jerine!!!!! This box set was soooooo tempting that I literally had to hold myself back from leaving work during lunch time to grab it at KLCC (mind you, its very far from my office, it'd take me an hour just to travel to and fro).

Inside the box:
1. Harper's Bazaar April 2013 issue

2. Lanvin Me miniature perfume

I love this miniature, the scent is just perfect and the packaging is sooo cute!!!!!

3. Harper's Bazaar Limited edition notebook

4. Harper's Bazaar vanity case.

All for the price of RM 15.00 only!!!! Well even if you didn't manage to buy the Limited Edition box, I think you should still get the April issue, its worth every penny that you are paying,

Sneak Peek:

The Beauty Look Book for Spring/Summer 2013: 

Grab yours quick!!!


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