Tuesday, 18 June 2013

WILD FERNS New Zealand Conditioning Hand Creme in Manuka Honey review

Time for another hand cream review!!! Its the WILD FERNS New Zealand Conditioning Hand Creme in Manuka Honey that was given in January 2013 Wonderbox. Although its only 30ml but we'll see how long it can last ^o^. My ESSENCE 24h Hand Moisture Balm  lasted me for about 3 months. Not bad for its size coz I practically dip both my hands in hand cream to keep it hydrated.

The hand creme contains pure Active Manuka AAh 650+ (Active Antibacterial Antioxidant Honey 650+) with blended with Prosina (hydrolysed Keratin derived from New Zealand's sheeps wool), Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil to soothe and repair rough, dry and damaged hands.

Besides that, this combination is known to improve the structure and strengthens your nails whilst improving hydration and elasticity of your cuticles + skin.

Costs: RM 69.00/ 85ml


The cream is really thick and feels a tad bit oily when you first put it on but don't worry, it doesn't leave any oily film on your hand. Though the Manuka honey scent is really strong, to a point that I feel a bit overwhelmed by it. (I can't stand strong scents - I'd have this gagging thing going on and prolonged dizziness)

* I still think the photo on the right looks like some worm spitting on my hand. Hadn't notice it on the camera until I started editing :( *

Before and After Pics:

I just had to put the photos in extra large just to show you how dry my hands can be when I'm in an enclosed place with air-condition.

1. Its really good and hydrating. Plus I can see instant improvements on my cuticles and skin.
2. No oily film.
3. The texture is not runny and just nice.

1. There are times when I find the Manuka Honey scent too strong but thats just me. Don't get me wrong, I love the scent, its exactly like honey and its sweet!!!

Well that's my current staple in the office at the moment. What's your favourite hand cream?



小雪 said...

Thanks for sharing~
I think your hand will be "sweet" all the time~^^

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