Friday, 28 December 2012

CLARINS facebook event and haul

Remember CLARINS Facebook event last month? Well I just want to share the superb gifts and my mini haul on that day ^o^

I simply love the lace design on the box!!!

Here's what I received in the box:
1 Multi Active Night Youth Recovery Cream (travel size)
2 Multi Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream-Gel (travel size)
1 Double Serum (3 satchets); and
1 UV Ecran Multi Protection (travel size)

For those who were present we were given the opportunity to buy the CLARINS Double Serum at RM 280 (retail price) and receive a complimentary Anti-Aging face treatment worth RM 228/248 and an additional Eye Treatment worth Rm 80.

I bought only 1 Double serum - the effect was really awesome on the spot  but I really want to try just 1 bottle to be sure. Will post a review soon!!!

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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Vanity Trove Malaysia - the beauty box with monthly surprises!!

Morning lovelies,

Great news for those who are from Malaysia. Vanity Trove has hit our shores and will be launching their first Malaysian beauty box in February 2013!!!!  Did you know that Vanity Trove was one of the foremost beauty boxes subscription available in Asia? They started their services since December 2011!!

VT bags are inspired by the Japanese concept of fukuburuko also known as lucky or mystery bag!!!

For a subscription of RM 60/month you get to test and try products from brands like MARC JACOBS, SHISEIDO, SKII RIMMMEL, BOURJOIS, ORIGINS, SAMPAR, OPI, PAUL SMITH etc If you want to check out more of the products that they provide, you can check it out here or have a look at my December trove to have a gist of the products they do send out ^o^

Pampering yourself has never been so easy - it can be done in just 3 steps
1. Create an account and subscribe to either the monthly (RM60), quarterly (RM 180), semi annually (RM 360) or annually. 
2. All you have to do is to sit and relax till your trove arrives!!! Normally you will receive the beauty box early, around 21st - 25th of each month. For example if you had subscribed to January 2013's trove, you will receive it somewhere between 21st - 25th December 2012. 
3. Enjoy the products and share it with your friends and family!!

Want to pamper that someone special or give her something different? Vanity Trove provides give a gift subscriptions too!!! You don't even have to scratch your head to think for the perfect gift ^o^

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Saturday, 22 December 2012

THE FACE SHOP birthday gift and haul

Everyone knows the Face Shop brings in affordable skincare and makeup products from Korea but did you know that as a member you will receive a birthday gift and 30% discount for all products? Well since this is my first year with The Face Shop, I was quite surprised when I received the sms from them. Since I had needed to get some products, this was an offer that I refuse to give up!!!!


1. A really pretty birthday card with a handsome guy on it!!!!
The Face Shop, birthday card
The Face Shop: Birthday card

2. All of these were in that small little packet. A neck pillow, 2 satchets of BB cream, 2 satchets of Aloe Fresh Gel Cream and 2 satchets of Rice Water Bright Cleanser

the face shop neck pillow, freebies, samples, bb cream, gel cream, cleanser
The Face Shop: Neck Pillow, Rice water bright cleanser, BB cream and Aloe Fresh Gel Cream
Here's a photo of the pillow in its deflated form:
the face shop, neck pillow
The Face Shop: Neck Pillow

and here's a photo of the pillow in its inflated form!!!

the face shop, neck pillow
The Face Shop: Neck Pillow

Another close up photo of the neck pillow. I just love the designs, Its super girly and its super cute. It even has all the things that I love - the eiffel tower, perfume bottles, heart shapes and ribbons all over the pillow. Jerine you'll be seeing me with this on the plane next month!!!!!

the face shop, neck pillow
The Face Shop: Neck Pillow

and these are what I bought with my 30% discount!!!

the face shop, rice water bright lip and eye remover
The Face Shop: Rice water bright lip  & eye remover

the face shop, rice water bright cleansing milk
The Face Shop: Rice water bright cleansing milk

the face shop, natural sunblock
The Face Shop: Natural Sun sunblock 
Well that's all for now. Its just a mini haul but i just want to share about the neck pillow. Hope you liked it ^o^

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Friday, 21 December 2012

Celebrating Christmas with December Wonderbox!!!!

Mid-December always reminds me of festive cheers and being merry and what's better is to celebrate this season with a Wonderbox!!!! Although I had received it late this time, I was still cheered up by the really chrismas-sy decor on the box ^o^

December  2012 Wonderbox

 Lets start the unboxing journey!!!

December 2012 Wonderbox

December 2012 Wonderbox

Looks exciting isn't it. Here's the contents of the box:
1. Kerastase Shampoo   30ml (travel size);
2. Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche   30ml (travel size);
3. Clinelle Purifying Toner  30ml (travel size);
4. Clinelle Eye Bright  15ml  (full size);
5. Empro Brown and Black Mascara (full size); and
6. OPI Shatter Nail Lacquer 15ml (full size)

in total there are 3 full size products and 3 travel size products. That's quite a balance mixture of contents. 

December 2012 Wonderbox

December 2012 Wonderbox: Kerastase Shampoo and Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche

December 2012 Wonderbox: Clinelle Purifying Toner

December 2012 Wonderbox: Clinelle Eye Bright

December 2012 Wonderbox: Empro brown and black mascara

December 2012 Wonderbox: OPI shatter nail lacquer

Here are the vouchers!!!!

I absolutely love my December box. The Clinelle Eye Bright came just in time - my dark eye circles are killing me!!!! and the best part - I have a Shatter nail lacquer from OPI. Thanks to Jerine and her super huge collection, I started being a fan last year and my nail polish collection has grown since then.

What do you like most in the December box?

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Blind date with Lilacbox

Have you heard? There is another new box in town - the Lilacbox!!! Just like any other beauty box, they are offering to send approximately 5 premium products for a subscription of RM 35/month (got this info from Jamie's update). 

Unlike some beauty box they are giving away a free surprise gift. You'll only have to register your email address and then proceed to choose your free gift of either 

1. Chloe perfume

2. A Burberry Beauty makeover or  

3. Clavin Klein Euphoria Fragrance!!! 

I chose the Chloe fragrance - gonna go and redeem it soon ^o^

Love the freebies? Get it quick before its gone!!!! Just click on the photo below and proceed to the registration page.

What I think:

The photo of the box wasn't really engaging - maybe they are keeping it simple but I really love the ribbon. I just love purple!!!! 

However if you look at the registration page, you'll notice that they are bringing in really good brands ( they did mention they bring in only premium brands!!!) - Kerastase, Burberry, Chloe, Stri Vectin, Roberto Cavalli etc. For the price of RM 35 I might just subscribe to it next year!!! 

You can check out their fb page as well. Its full of info's about the products that they are bringing in and tips and tricks that would benefit you.

Another thing, if you are a blogger and would love to receive a free beauty box just blog about The Lilac Box. I want one too and I can't wait to see what's in the February box!!!

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

NYX Nude on Nude Palette giveaway winner announcement!!!!!

Thank you everyone for participating in this wonderful giveaway!!!! You guys are an awesome supporter. Without further a due - *drum roll please!!!!..................* the winner for the NYX Nude on Nude palette is
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Friday, 14 December 2012

Clarins Christmas giveaway

Hi beauties, there's only 11 days left till Christmas is here. Are you done with your shopping?  

Clarins is having a daily giveaway at the moment in the form of an advent game. I'm sure most of you love to win some products for yourself.

Here's the direct link to the app -

Now just click on this photo to enter:

and PLAY!!!

You can really win something if you give it a chance!!!  Here's what I had won last week. A Shaping Facial Lift Kit worth RM123

My mom got a set of Defining Eye Lift Trial Kit worth RM 100.

Don't wait and idle -just join!!!!

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SKINFOOD Christmas Pouch giveaway

Like Skinfood's FB page and Share this post HERE!!!
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Monday, 10 December 2012

The December Vanity Trove is here!!!!

Just a quick sharing of the products that I had received on the December Vanity Trove!!!!

vanity trove december edition 

vanity trove december edition 

vanity trove december edition 

vanity trove december edition 

vanity trove december edition : Philosophy

vanity trove december edition: Belif Transforming Peel off mask, Peat miracle revital eye cream, the true cream- aqua bomb, Creamy cleansing foam 

vanity trove december edition: REN Mayblossom Cleansing Gel, T-Zone balancing day fluid, invisible detox mask 

vanity trove december edition: Ujene & wax strip 

vanity trove december edition: Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar

vanity trove december edition: Dr GL Collagen Essence 

vanity trove december edition: Sexylook Duo Lifting Mask

The vouchers:

vanity trove december edition 
Lets have a look at the beautiful card.
vanity trove december edition 
Notice the red circles? Item No. 4 looks diff from the wax strips I had received but I don't have a problem with it. Its fine but if you have a look at the other two things circled on the card, it was missing from the box. I'm not very familiar with Vanity Trove's concept whether they actually substitute the items with other things but with my Wonderbox subscriptions I'd normally receive everything that is stated on the card. Weird huh.

Maybe they had substituted it for the Philosophy sample pack? Its not on the card but I do have it in my box!!!

What I think:

After subcribing to 3 beauty boxes I find that I'm not excited over skincare products. I chose Vanity Trove because their previous boxes looks so yummylicious but this is a bit of a disappointment to me. For the price of $25 to get these products that i'm not excited about - its not worth it.

Another issue I had with Vanity Trove was their payment methods. I chose Paypal for a 1 month subscription, everything was fine until I received a notification about allowing for a recurring payment on my account. I was very very sure on my subscription - just 1 month, a test and try to see whether I'd like it and I was surprise to have received such a notification. My paypal account showed me otherwise. I had to "manually" clicked and cancel the recurring payment. What a waste of time. 

My rating: 6/10 

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