Thursday, 15 August 2013

O'SLEE Honey Sugar Mask review

The first time I had came across O'slee Honey Sugar Mask was at the Cite Cosme event earlier this year (Part 1 and Part 2). I had tried scrubbing it on my hand and mind you it was not pleasant at all. The scrub was soo rough that I couldn't even think of a reason why it would be one of the top ten products. I was really skeptical when I was contacted to do a review on the same mask. Well lets play MYTHBUSTER!!! Is this product a yay or a nay.

O'slee Honey Sugar Maskyour 10 mins to Smooth and Brighter skin

I love the packaging, it looks so dainty and cute. They even provide a free cleansing sponge and mask stick!!

Product is sealed.

What they claim: 

This looks promising. Currently I have a super duper blackhead issue and its been bugging me for quite some time. 


Super fine granules of sugar!!!!

2-3 times/week and can be applied on face, lips and body.

There are 2 ways of using this mask, either you apply it on a dry face or a wet face. Personally I prefer applying it on a wet face. I feel that the scrubbing is too harsh for my skin. Don't forget to use your mask stick to scoop out the required amount!!! 

If you are applying it on 

Wet Skin: Apply the mask, gently massage in circular motion then the sugar will melt down. Let the mask stay for 5 - 10 minutes then rinse;

Dry Skin: Apply the mask, gently massage in circular motion for 1 minute then rinse. 


What I Like about it:
1. Super fine granules of sugar that melts almost instantly without me having to scrub my face too much.
2. Love the honey scent.
3. The fact that the box includes a spatula and sponge!!!

What I Dislike about it:
1. well there's no reason to dislike the product. It doesn't leave my skin dry, it doesn't give me any red patches or itches on my face, its not a 'harsh' scrub which is just the way I love it, so there's really nothing to dislike about it. I love honey products ^o^

Le Verdict:
I prefer using it on wet face. My skin was super smooth and my lips are super soft, oooo I can just kiss myself if I could ^o^. And guess what's the best part - it removed my blackheads!!!! Well ok I had used a pore strip after cleaning off the masks but the result was awesome. (I am very sorry I didn't have a before and after photo of this. Will try to get one and update it here)

This is really one of the best mask that I ever had and I am going to keep it for my lips and my blackheads!!! Mythbusted - its a YAY for O'slee Honey Sugar Mask!!!! Definitely going to recommend it to my family and friends, maybe get it as their Christmas present!!! ^o^

NP: RM 59.90/100ml (now selling at RM 50.90 on their website!!!)



Click on the links below to go to O'slee's
Website and Facebook to check out their other products. You can also find their products in all Guardian outlets.


choulyin.tan said...

How is the oil control like after using this mask?

Unknown said...

Hi Choulyin, actually if you have combi skin it would be a bit dry. I would rather use sheet masks. But it is a great product for your blackheads and your lippies!!!

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