Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Etude House If Story Nail Kit I: #01 Halloween Witch swatch

Currently i'm still obsessed with Etude House's glitter nail polish, I just can't get enough of it and I haven't finish trying all the nail polish I had bought from my last haul!!!!

This is one of the If Story Nail Kit I that I had chosen, its a halloween themed story and each nail kit comes with 2 colours. The box is just toooo cute and you won't even feel that this witch will be causing you any harm.

Today's swatch will be on #01 Halloween Witch. Its a purple jelly based glitter nail polish with silver hexagons, orange squares and small glitters etc.

I've put 2 swatch on my nail. You can do with 1 swatch but the colour looks deeper and makes it sooo much more mysterious. It feels like i'm staring into the milky way looking for a long lost galaxy.

Don't you think it looks very similar to the Mandel's Angel Nebula (without the orange squares) ^o^ 



Sabrina Tajudin said...

I love glitter nail polishes! But i find its so hard to remove. the only glitter nail polish that im loving is the katy perry teenage dream!

HerYuan Lau said...

omggg! galaxy colour nail polish is so pretty!!!

Christine K said...

Sabrina, I love both OPI's katy perry's teenage dream and Crown me Already. AS for nail polish remover, you can try the one from Etude House #02. It removes glitter very well ^o^

@HerYuan Lau: the galaxy nail colour is awesome and the orange squares are just like stars

Jess said...

wow pretty colour! :D

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