Monday, 3 December 2012

Update on KOSE Sekkisei Basic Skincare Trial Set

Have you all collected your Trial set? Yesterday was the last day and luckily I managed to get it (I had given up hope of claiming it since I couldn't manage to collect it  twice before this). 

This is the set that I had claimed:
1. Sekkisei Emulsion 70ml &
2. Sekkisei Lotion 100ml

Since I've got my trial set, I checked up with my mom whether she remembered to collect hers but to my surprise, what she received was
1. Sekkisei Emulsion  20ml
2. Sekkisei Lotion 24ml
3. Sekkisei Cream Excellent 15ml &
4. Sekkisei Moisture Skin Repair 15ml

Why the big difference? Besides that my mom complained to me that the girl at the counter was super rude to her. When she asked for the sample, she just went to the cupboard and throw all the small samples for her. She doesn't even explain how to use or what the stuff is for. (My mom claimed it at the Parkson Sungei Wang counter) Well netiher do I since the counter lady at Sunway Pyramid Counter was as rude to me as well!!! Couldn't even ask her anything, her face was damn black......

I dont' feel like visiting their counter at anytime soon to ask about the products, will have to check it out online. Twice I went and there was no one at the counter and I had practically sat there and wait for someone to come. The Third time I went to claim, the fella was rude to me. I'm not saying that customers are always right but your counter lady's attitude is very very rude. I'm not the only one experiencing it. 

The most importnt part - why is my mom getting different products when it was stated in the email and on the registration page that we were suppose to received a Lotion 100ml and Emulsion 70ml!!!!


Sherry said...

my sis got register but never get email.. so she cannot claim

Michelle Marie said...

That's so horrible!

I always wonder why companies do this? Don't they know that their counter sales person make or break their products?

Christine K said...


This is reflecting badly on Kose but the fb team does not respond as well which is just making it worst.

I think they should really jaga their customers instead of focusing on 1 time sales

Jerine said...

That's quite a big size for sample. But the sales assistant.... I've seen too many of those.

reenah said...

Hi, I am a Kose user. Chillchill~ Just wanna let you know that the one that your mum received is actually kinda worth, especially the Rice Power Extract (twice the price of Sekkisei Lotion maybe), and i think Cream Excellent might be even more expensive.

Frankly speaking, Rice Power Extract is really good in hydrating! Perfectly good! You can try.

Usually you need to purchase RM 200 to receive these gifts:)

Christine K said...


Yeah it does worth much more. Anyway glad that its over already. Secretly i'm happy for my mom that she received something better but i'm unhappy about the service.

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