Friday, 8 February 2013

Review: LIESE Bubble Hair Colour in Chestnut Brown

Hello lovelies,

There's 2 more days till Chinese New Year, how are most of you keeping up? Are you done with the preparation? Sadly I still have a lot to do and I'm down with cough and sore throat ( I'm getting sick a lot these days, weather is not kind to me at all).

Well, today's review is on LIESE Bubble Hair Colour in Chestnut Brown and the model is my sister Setsuna (She's been bugging me to dye her hair for months now). My last hair dye was using SCHWARZKOPF Freshlight Hair Colour in Mysterious Beige but the colour didn't last that long - my roots are showing already!!! We agreed to try LIESE  mainly because its bubble hair dye and non of us have tried it before and it looks fun!!

Her hair colour falls in between the first and the second box - hopefully the colour doesn't come out too light after dye!!!

Inside the box:

1. Colour Solution

2. Base

3. Treatment 

4. Skin Allergy Test Tab n Glove

 For those of you who have sensitive scalp or has known issues with hair dye, do carry out skin allergy test on the tab provided in the box. Eventhough it is said to be a universal product, I still believe that it does not suit every single person!!!

5. Instruction (forgotten about the pump in the photo)

Here's a simple pic-show-how for all of you:

 First pour Colour solution into the base

Here's what it will look like before mixing.

Remember DON'T shake it vigorously like the other hair dyes!!!! Just screw the cap on tightly and mix it gently by moving your hands in a circling motion or like me - I just move it in an upward downward motion (5 times).

You will get something like this. Its very watery, I was worried how this thing is suppose to be a bubble hair dye.

Gently press on the bottle and lo and behold - BUBBLES!!!!! Massage those on your scalp and wait for 20 minutes before washing it off. Remember to use the Treatment k!!!

What do you think about the hair colour?

1. Easy and manageable
2.Cheap (bought from WATSON - about RM 32.90)
3. No strong or foul odour
4.  The after treatment keeps the hair very smooth and silky.
5. It covers the roots really nicely (see photo below)

1. I heard that the colour doesn't last!!!! Which is quite bad because I don't want to be submerging my hair with chemicals every month for the colour that I want!!!! lets see how it goes. (Will provide an updated photo after a few weeks time)

Hope you enjoy the review.



Marxie ♔ said...

It's pretty! :) Been wanting to dye my hair since forever but never had the courage to do so because of hair fall. :/


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