Monday, 7 January 2013

[Review] SCHWARZKOPF FRESHLIGHT Hair Colour in Mysterious Beige

Happy 2013 beauties!!!! Today's review is all about SCHWARZKOPF FRESHLIGHT Hair Colour in Mysterious Beige. I love their packaging, its superrrr cute!!!!

Today's subject is me!!! My hair colour is more or less like the ones shown in the first box. Mind you, I haven't dyed my hair since July 2012!!!!

Here are some BEFORE photos of my hair:

As you can see from above, I had actually outgrown the colour for quite long but since I'm not a dark hair gal it doesn't seem too different.


1. Colour agent

2. Cream Developer

3. After Colour Treatment

4. Protective Gloves
5. Comb Nozzle
6. Instruction Leaflet


The Instruction leaflet is super easy to understand but here's a visual step by step guide!!!
1. Tear along the dotted line behind the box. It acts as a stand for the Developer agent.  

2. Squeeze everything from the colour cream tube into the bottle

3. Shake and mix the colour agents well and the mixture will look sort of creamy and yellowish. I thought it wasn't mixed well so I had kept on shaking. Other brands that I've used normally looks darker in colour after shake.

4. Now Apply them!!!! Wait for 15-20 minutes and rinse off the mixture. Don't forget to use the After colour treatment!!!


What I like about this product:
1. Easy application with the comb
2. Affordable (app RM 38) and you can find it in any WATSONS store
3. No strong or foul smell from the colouring agent
4. No stains!!!!
5. The After treatment cream smells reallly nice - it reminds me of pink guava!!

What I don't like about it:
1. My scalp had a slight burning sensation after application that I was seriously considering washing it off since it might be allergies but then I thought I had a similar feeling when I had bleached my hair last time so I waited and it was gone. 
2. My hair was a bit dry even after using the After treatment cream.

Would I buy the product again? Yes - maybe try a different colour!!!!

P/S: There's actually instruction to conduct allergy test for the product. If you have really sensitive scalp then please go through the test before trying the product. Not every product suits everyone's skin.  


Jerine said...

Somehow I like your previous color better. Looks lighter and brighter.

Christine K said...

I thought it would be lighter :( still waiting to see if it changes colour in a weeks time. P/S my mom is so darn happy about the colour -she thinks don't need to be more yellowish - its just fine LOL!!!!

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