Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Vanity Trove Malaysia April 2013 - The Shower of Summer

Hello lovelies, here's Vanity Trove April 2013 edition - The Shower of Summer. I can't believe summer is almost here (it feels the same throughout the year when you are in Malaysia LOL) - BIKINI TIME!!!!!

Well before we have our bikini party, we definitely have to start preparing ourselves RIGHT NOW. What's better than having summer ready body and beautiful skin to complement it?

I was soo happy to see a box full of products.

1. CLARINS Intensive Brightening Serum: RM 295 (30ml)

This product is one of the most advanced skincare for a fairer and healthier skin. Thanks to the exclusive Trans-Luminescent Complex it has the ability to revive the skin's micro-mirrors at every layer, so that your skin appears clear and radiant. With this ultimate brightening serum, skin looks fair, even and translucent with a rosy glow.

There's actually 5 satchets in the small container. CLARINS is one of the brands that gives out an abundance of samples - you only need to ask ( I know I heard from my friends that not all Clarins counter ladies are friendly but I normally visit the one in Pavillion - they are absolutely lovely ^o^, I've not had any problem there)

2. ORIKS Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream: 
RM 398 (50g)

Developed in France, the Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream is a moisturiser that smoothens wrinkles, tightens pores and brightens your complexion. It contains more than 90 types of natural minerals to boost skin vitality and protect your skin from harsh environmental stressors. When applied, this hydrating formula locks in plenty of moisture to maintain supple and dewy skin after a long day in the hot summer sun.

3. KATE Eyeshadow DB: RM 49 (1.6g)

Each KATE Eyeshadow DB boosts a palette with two shades that can be used individually or mised. What's more, you can create a third colour by mixing the two shades for a beautiful gradation! It is great for bth beginners and professionals and comes in 8 different hues. Turn your classic smoky eye into a colourful twist.

A close up of the eyeshadow palette:

RM 278 (50ml)/ RM 378 (100ml)

Sensual and profound, Classique (EDT) has the timeless fragrance that stands out from all the sugary scents dominating the market these days. The perfect embodiment of sensuality and sophistication, this perfume's charm lies in its deliciously alluring notes containing vanilla musk. Accentuate your womanly charm with this voluptuous pleasure. Be Strong, vibrant and very sexy.

5. PERKINS nail wrap: RM 39.90 (20 strips)

You can check out more about PERKINS nail wrap and their products in my previous post HERE.

Actually I was praying that I wouldn't receive this - I absolutely dislike it. The one I received in February's MODBOX is definitely x100 nicer :(

1. KILADOLL Red Wine Q10 Mask: 

2. ORIKS voucher: Purchase of Platinum Aqua Watery Cream and get a free Platinum BB Cream worth RM 138 

Vanity Trove is finally putting their game face on. The products are soo much better than the last 2 boxes that I had received. Hope they can and will continue to put as much effort in it in the future. Oh and did you know that they have reduced the subscription to only RM50/month.

Click on the photo above to get your May 2013 Vanity Trove now!!!



FrockON Line said...

Dear Christine,
We're currently collaborating with VanityTrove to create an exclusive, customized trove worth RM100 each instead of the usual RM50. Instead of the usual beauty products, we're adding a touch of our own by giving away fashion accessories in the trove as well. Win one absolutely for free this Mother's Day by sending a photo of you and your mother to and further instructions will be given on how you can win. Good luck!

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