Monday, 12 August 2013

My Beauty Diary Blogger event: Eye Masks Launch, doorgifts, hauls and EXTRAS!!!!

A few weeks ago, I was super excited to have received an invitation from Evelyn to attend the MBD Eye Mask Launch at Parkamaya, Fahrenheit 88 and of course I accepted!!! Masks are one of the most important beauty product that I can't live without. It is my weekly staple and a definite must-bring during my travels. My current favourite is the King of Mask - My Beauty Diary and this post is all about their new product - My Beauty Diary Eye Mask:

featuring the 3 new products available to you at all SASA and Guardian outlets at RM 29.90 @ 5 sheets per pack:

MBD Dark Circles Intensive Eye Mask

This mask contains both Vitamin C, B3 and rich plants extracts (Rosa CEntifolia essence, Ginseng extracts, Horse-Chestnut, Arica Montana and Common Broom) to reduce skin pigmentation, boost circulation , eliminates dullness, evens out skin tone and relieves eye fatigue. 

This eye mask is shaped like cute little fishes that hugs your eye contours to remove dullness and relieve fatigue. Tips: First secure the cloth eye masks at the outer corner of the eye then adjust to cover the upper and lower eye area.

Suitable for people with obvious fatigue and dark circles around the eye area.

MBD Puffiness Intensive Eye Mask

Contains Vitamin B5, P (*Vitamin P is not a Vitamin per se but a type of bioflavanoid which enhances the absorption of Vitamin C*) and plant extracts (Boabab fruit essence, English Ivy, Pot Marigold and Herba Centellae) helps improve circulation, keeps the eye area hydrated and soothe the skin surrounding eye area and reduce its puffiness. 

This eye mask is shaped like a butterfly that hugs the eye contours to relieve fatigue and discomfort. Tips: Store eye masks in refrigerator for a cool and soothing effect before use. Apply with the eyes closed for an incredible relaxing feel!!

Suitable for people with Puffy eyes, fatigue and tightness around the eye area.

MBD Smoothness Intense Eye Mask

Containing a blend of vitamins (A and B5)) and rich plant extracts (Boabab fruit essence, Radix Gentianae,Wheat, Oatmeal and Soybean extracts) that targets dryness and fine lines around the eye area, intensively infusing with both beauty and vitality.

This magical moisturizing and refining eye masks are shaped like a flower petal that hugs the under eye area and the outer corner of your eye. Tips: Gently lift the outer corner of the eye with the elastic cloth masks for a lifting effect!!

Suitable for people with obvious dry, fine lines around the eye area. 

The doorgifts, haul of the day and EXTRAS!!!

the Doorgift: 

My Beauty Diary 5 Continents 2-step Masks:
Oceania Firming Pack
Europe Clarifying Pack
America Soothing Pack
Asia Brightening Pack
Africa Hydrating Pack 

and 3 packs of My Beauty Diary Eye Masks

Really really thank you for your generosity!!!

the Haul and free gifts:
Well since I love MBD products so much, of course I won't give up the opportunity to grab a few stuff before I leave!!!

1. My Beauty Diary 5 Continents 2-step Mask
2. Organia Relaxing Olive Essential Hair Pack
3. Organia Quick Volume Wear Olive Hair Treat Coating Essence with Organia Relaxing Olive Facial Deep Action Foaming Cleanser 
4. Free gifts

MuGu White Essentiel Q10 Makeup Primer

FaceQ Pomegranate CoQ10 Mask

MuGu Vanity Beauty Treasure Eye Shadow Palette

the Extras:

1. My Beauty Diary: Blooming of beauty Japanese Hydrangea and My Beauty Diary: Blooming Garden Lavender Hand Cream
2. My Beauty Diary Southern France Apricot Mask
3. My Beauty Diary Bird's Nest Mask; and
4. My Beauty Diary: Blooming Garden Cassis and Rose Body Lotion

I had a really really fun time meeting with Evelyn and Peggy at the event. Thank you so much for the invitation. 

The decor was amazing

I had great food

and I had grabbed so many things on that day - its just awesome!!!



choulyin.tan said...

whoa wish I was there!!!! but when I rsvp'd they told me that the space is full oredi :( too bad...

Anne Lee said...

wow. so many beauty products to try out. their brand is quite promising in terms of facial mask.

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