Friday, 8 March 2013

ARTY PROFESSIONAL Mattify Lipstick in FR Spain review

ARTY PROFESSIONAL Mattify Lipstick in FR Spain 

 I just realised that all my lipsticks are glossy and this is actually my first Matte lipstick.


It looks really orange on first swatch. It has a very nice touch when adding colours to the makeup!! Easy to apply and it doesn't feel patchy (maybe because it was on my arm)

On me:

Oh dear me, I should have scrubbed my lips the day before. Eventhough I had lip balm on before swatching there was skin residue on my lips and it looks horrible. Its a tad bit dry for my liking but I still love the colour. It makes me look much more energetic in person!!!

with ESSENCE XXXL nudes Lipgloss:

That lipgloss really put a luxurious feel to the lips!!! I love this combination. Do you put lipgloss when putting your matte lipstick? Well that's just me. I don't think matte lipstick suits me.



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