Tuesday, 4 December 2012

[REVIEW] LIMI Red Apple Whitening Eye Mask (里美红萍果净白眼膜)

Recently my dark eye circles have gotten very unsightly. Its dark and the circumference is getting larger and larger by the day!!!!! I feel like i'm competing with the panda for who has the darkest eye circle.

cute panda

Maybe my Limi Red Apple Whitening Eye Mask (里美红萍果净白眼膜) can save me? I had bought this eye mask during my recent trip to China with Jerine. I regret not buying more of this product. Now I can't find it in Malaysia and I don't dare to use it too often as my supply is limited. There's only 44 pieces/ 22 pairs in 1 bottle. 

LIMI Red Apple Whitening Eye Mask 里美红萍果净白眼膜
 The eye mask has such a lovely packaging. I absolutely adore the apple and heart shaped flower illustration on its cover. 
LIMI Red Apple Whitening Eye Mask 里美红萍果净白眼膜
The size of the bottle is just nice. Great for bringing it with you when you are travelling!!!!!

LIMI Red Apple Whitening Eye Mask 里美红萍果净白眼膜
Even the mask is in a heart shape.
LIMI Red Apple Whitening Eye Mask 里美红萍果净白眼膜 

What is it for:

Whitening, prevent wrinkles and helps with your skins elasticity

Directions for use:

Just put the mask on a clean face and wait for 15- 20 minutes. Apply your eye cream accordingly after that.
The mask has a very sweet apple scent, almost like apple sparkling juice. The scent actually lingers after you take off the eye mask.

What I think:

It doesn't really whitens the dark circle, well who says its a one time thingy but my eyes definitely look brighter. I love that sweet succulent apple scent.

Overall rating: 7/10


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