Saturday, 22 December 2012

THE FACE SHOP birthday gift and haul

Everyone knows the Face Shop brings in affordable skincare and makeup products from Korea but did you know that as a member you will receive a birthday gift and 30% discount for all products? Well since this is my first year with The Face Shop, I was quite surprised when I received the sms from them. Since I had needed to get some products, this was an offer that I refuse to give up!!!!


1. A really pretty birthday card with a handsome guy on it!!!!
The Face Shop, birthday card
The Face Shop: Birthday card

2. All of these were in that small little packet. A neck pillow, 2 satchets of BB cream, 2 satchets of Aloe Fresh Gel Cream and 2 satchets of Rice Water Bright Cleanser

the face shop neck pillow, freebies, samples, bb cream, gel cream, cleanser
The Face Shop: Neck Pillow, Rice water bright cleanser, BB cream and Aloe Fresh Gel Cream
Here's a photo of the pillow in its deflated form:
the face shop, neck pillow
The Face Shop: Neck Pillow

and here's a photo of the pillow in its inflated form!!!

the face shop, neck pillow
The Face Shop: Neck Pillow

Another close up photo of the neck pillow. I just love the designs, Its super girly and its super cute. It even has all the things that I love - the eiffel tower, perfume bottles, heart shapes and ribbons all over the pillow. Jerine you'll be seeing me with this on the plane next month!!!!!

the face shop, neck pillow
The Face Shop: Neck Pillow

and these are what I bought with my 30% discount!!!

the face shop, rice water bright lip and eye remover
The Face Shop: Rice water bright lip  & eye remover

the face shop, rice water bright cleansing milk
The Face Shop: Rice water bright cleansing milk

the face shop, natural sunblock
The Face Shop: Natural Sun sunblock 
Well that's all for now. Its just a mini haul but i just want to share about the neck pillow. Hope you liked it ^o^


Jennifer FurFer said...

The pillow is super cute!

Jerine said...

I will poke your air pillow out of jealousy!!!!!

LauraLeia said...

The neck pillow is super cute! :D And I tried a sample of the rice water cleanser before, it smells so nice and works pretty well. :D
P/S: Is Kim Hyun Joong still the ambassador? He's hot. XD

illy ariffin said...

I really like your neck pillow :) super cute!

Do a review on the rice water cleanser please.. looks interesting :)

Christine K said...

Jerine - u go become member then u can get it during your birthday month - don't need to be "jeles" and poke my pillow

Laura Lee - Yes I think he's still the ambassador with The Face Shop!!!

Illy - Noted!!! Will do a review soon :D

Anonymous said...

Hye... could you please tell me step by step on how to redeem the birthday gift? thanks.

Christine K said...

Hi Anonymous, just go to the shop and become their member. You will receive an sms on your birthday month, just flash it to the staff in shop and they will give you your gift!!!

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