Thursday, 20 December 2012

Blind date with Lilacbox

Have you heard? There is another new box in town - the Lilacbox!!! Just like any other beauty box, they are offering to send approximately 5 premium products for a subscription of RM 35/month (got this info from Jamie's update). 

Unlike some beauty box they are giving away a free surprise gift. You'll only have to register your email address and then proceed to choose your free gift of either 

1. Chloe perfume

2. A Burberry Beauty makeover or  

3. Clavin Klein Euphoria Fragrance!!! 

I chose the Chloe fragrance - gonna go and redeem it soon ^o^

Love the freebies? Get it quick before its gone!!!! Just click on the photo below and proceed to the registration page.

What I think:

The photo of the box wasn't really engaging - maybe they are keeping it simple but I really love the ribbon. I just love purple!!!! 

However if you look at the registration page, you'll notice that they are bringing in really good brands ( they did mention they bring in only premium brands!!!) - Kerastase, Burberry, Chloe, Stri Vectin, Roberto Cavalli etc. For the price of RM 35 I might just subscribe to it next year!!! 

You can check out their fb page as well. Its full of info's about the products that they are bringing in and tips and tricks that would benefit you.

Another thing, if you are a blogger and would love to receive a free beauty box just blog about The Lilac Box. I want one too and I can't wait to see what's in the February box!!!


Lovely_Song said...

Just blog about Lilac Box like what you did, then the blogger can get a free beauty box? Izzit?

Christine K said...

Hi dear, the campaign started since December 2012, you have to contact thelilacbox management team and see whether they are still giving it out.

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