Monday, 4 March 2013

Cite Cosme Beauty Award Voting 2013 ("城邦美妝大賞" 試用大會 )

Did you attend the Cite Cosme Beauty Awards Voting 2013 ("城邦美妝大賞" 試用大會 ) that was held at Upper Atrium, Paradigm Mall last weekend? Its an event that beauty junkies should

There's more than 200 (Top 10) products at the event for the public to test, try and vote.

Check out the crowd, so many interested consumers like me!!!

Here are some of my favourite products -


1. Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)
2. Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner
3. Clio Waterproof Pen Liner
4. Empro Black Diamond Liner

* Personally I think the Maybelline one was a tad bit dry and any attempt to test it was a failure.* I like the one from Clio and Dolly Wink the most!!! Thats going on my to-buy list ^o^

Here's a very intereting Mascara -the S Line volume magic mascara from ORIKS!!!

I love that leopard packaging - its the ORIKS Leopard Magical Highlighter!!

Sana Pore Putty BB Cream - it was really light and smooth!!!

Cleanser and Toner:
I was so surprise to see this because I've been searching for this Deep Cell Cleansing Gel by Living Proof for a really long time - all because the sales girl from WATSON told me that they don't bring it in anymore!

I've heard so many good reviews about O'slee Rosehip Peeling Gel and I was soo happy that I could try it at the event!!! It certainly is a very good product!!!

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner - OMG this is the second time I've seen such a big toner!!! I love the refreshing feel of the formuale and the pump - which means easy application for me, yay. Gonna buy one when my current one finishes.


Living Proof Cell Recovery Night Hydration Complex

Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Moisture Boost Concentrate

Holika-Holika Water March Moisture Pink Full Cream - I love the bottle, its really cute.

Oh dear, all of the above moisturisers was soo nice and hydrating that I didn't know which to choose :(


 LIERAC Paris Luminescence - Illuminating Serum Complexion Corrector

Eye Care:

Holika-Holika Prime Miracle Snail Eye Serum and L'oreal Paris White Perfect Micro-Vibration 3-in-1 Eye Brightener.

This is actually my first time trying on a snail product, well snail mucus extract ^o^, but it was amazing.

Skinfood Malaysia Black Raspberry Eye Cream


1. ELISHACOY Premium Snail Hydrogel Mask
2. NARUKO Rose and Botanic HA, Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask

I had issues with some of the products like Mascaras, anti-aging skincare and masks- I couldn't really "test and try" on the spot to know if it works well for me. My voting was purely based on "Will I give this product another try".

Here are the door gifts:

*The Dove Intense Repair Shampoo was an extra gift as I had pre-registered to attend*



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