Monday, 4 March 2013

Cite Cosme Beauty Award Voting 2013 ("城邦美妝大賞" 試用大會 ) Part 2

I was very lucky that Women Vs Fashion just started when I was voting for my favourite products at the Cite Cosme Beauty Award Voting 2013 ("城邦美妝大賞" 試用大會 ).

The talk is brought by Y-Image Consultancy.

I love Debbie's style, its edgy, quirky and sexy.

Consultants with their models : Choosing the colour that suits you!!! Do you think the colour combi is correct and suits the models? If you chose the wrong colour then it would make you look dull and unattractive. Remember it is you who is wearing the clothes not the clothes wearing you. 

Even collars can change a persons image!! For someone who has curves, it is suggested that you choose patterns with curves as it will accentuate you better and if you are tall and slender like the model on the right then you suit straight patterns. No wonder I could never find a stripe pattern that suit me!!!

Debbie asked for a few volunteers from the public to be on stage and I was one of them. Everyone can pink but you have to find the pink that suits you!!! For that elegant lady, she suits a muted pink, it really enhances her appearance doesn't it.

and I won myself a RM50 voucher from KITSCHEN!!!

I had wished it was a voucher from Y image themselves because I was really interested in taking one of their courses. Check out more of their courses HERE!!!

Y Image Consultancy
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Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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