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Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Foundation Review in Natural Beige W13

Dear lovely readers,

I am sure all of you have been following Etude House product launches very closely. Well we all love Etude House products don't we!!! Here's the new Precious Mineral Any Cushion Foundation from Etude House.

As always, their products are just soo cute. It comes in this light peachy pink colour. I just love it when they make their products sooo girly.

The product is sealed to keeps its freshness and it comes with an extra special air puff sponge!!!

Here's a closeup of the product:

It looks like the moon craters, isn't it.

There are 2 shades available at the moment - Natural Beige W13 and/or Honey Beige W24. The one that I was provided with is Natural Beige W13.

This amazing product can be refilled!!! Just push at arrow indicated on the packaging and the white container will just pop out. I wonder if they would recycle their white container. It'd be a shame if we just throw the container out after refilling the product. We should really minimise waste.

The Full package is selling for RM 109.90.  (* I will update on the price for refills has been set by EH*) and you can find it in all Etude House branches starting this September 2013!!!!

Product Features:
A new conceptual foundation perfectly fits on the skin only with easy stamping that liquid is evenly spread in the cushion pores. It makes possible for smart and speedy makeup with 6 in 1 multi-functions of Foundation, sunscreeen, sebum powder, moisture essence and cooling.

It ingredients includes:

Hyaluronic Acid
Contains more than 1000 times of water of its mass so it supplies deep moisturising and watery texture to the skin. * Moisture Lock technique prevents loss of moisture by attracting plenty of water with hydrophilic hyaluronic acid.

Sebum Control Acid
Making soft and sleek skin through oil control as preventing greasy skin with perfect fitness on the skin

Pearl Powder
Bright and gorgeous skin finishing with pearl mineral powder which makes skin clean and clear and niacin amide that is effective for whitening

Suits all skin types

The Air Puff:

Made of Rubycell and Polyurethane, it helps apply the contents as patting lightly with the puff. It minimizes contents absorption with dual structure and it doesn't reabsorb water so it's superior  in cooling and freshness. This is soo great without wasting the contents. The puff also minimizes discoloration and cracking of the surface with moist finishing.

1. Sanitation
2. Thin layer on skin
3.Skin friendly

How to keep your puff clean:

1. Soak the puff in the water
2. Apply foaming cleanser or puff cleanser on the puff (Applying the cleanser after lathering)
3. Press the puff to outward from the center with two thumbs. Repeat the step in running water to clean the foams.

DON'T twist or wring the puff to prevent cracking and ripping off.

Before and After photo:

I know both photos look similar and it will feel like you are playing a game but bear with me on this. My skin condition isn't all that great when you put it up like this. I have blackheads on my nose and some enlarged pores, some acne scars on my chin, discolouration on my face (well uneven skin tone) and those brown spots on my cheeks. I can live without makeup but its just un-professional when I go to work. I don't need heavy foundation for full coverage so this precious mineral Any Cushion Foundation works quite well for me as it only pats on thin covers!!!

If you look at the after photo now, you'll notice that my skin is so much more silky and smooth. It evens out the skin tone and covers my blackheads and minimised my pores!!!

What I like about it:
1. I love the simple application. Pat and apply!!!!
2. Its cooling effect was soooooo nice that I could still feel it after 10 hours.
3. It kept my skin moisturised the whole day. No drying up and cakey feel.
4. I love the way my skin looks sooo silky and smooth. It even covered up most of the dark spots.
5. The foundation lasted the whole day!!!! I didn't even applied any powder.
6. Minimised my pores and blackheads.

What I don't like about it:
1. The recommended using time is estimated to 1 month only. For the price that they are selling, that would incur a lot of costs for most of us .
2. Its not really easy to bring it in a small purse for re-application but since it can last me so long, I don't need to bring it along with me.


I would definitely buy this product for what its worth. This might be the best product that I currently have at the moment!!! I'm going to introduce this to my mom, think she'll love this. Hope you enjoy this review guys and thank you for your support!!!


* This product has been sent for review. All honest opinion are solely of the author.*


Illy Ariffin said...

Looking good Christine :) I like their packaging so cute and it is in pink!

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