Wednesday, 21 August 2013

SCHWARZKOPF FRESHLIGHT Hair Colour in Caramel Brown review

Today's review is on Schwarzkopf Freshlight Hair Colour in Caramal Brown. It is a bubble hair dye like the Liese Hair Dye in Chestnut Brown I bought for my sister.

Inside the Box:

1. 1 bottle Colouring Cream
2. 1 bottle of Developer Emulsion
3. 1 satchet After Colour Treatment
4. 1 Push Pump
5. Professional Colour Gloves

Before we begin- this is my sisters hair colour at the moment:


The Instruction leaflet is super easy to understand but here's a visual step by step guide!!!

1. Tear along the dotted line behind the box. It acts as a stand for the Developer Emulsion Agent.

2. Pour the Colouring Cream into the Developer Emulsion Agent.

look at all those bubbles!!!!

3.  Gently mix it together.

4. Pump and apply!!!!

1. FOAMS + PUMPS =  Super easy application. I like the Liese bubble pump more - you just need to squeeze and the product will 'foam' out.
2. No burning sensation like the previous Schwarzkopf Freshlight in Mysterious Beige that I had reviewed.

1. There was a strong chemical smell during application. Luckily it was momentary.
2. Its a tad bit dry after washing off the hair treatment. I would normally apply hair mask after this stage.

My sisters hair had a bit of discolouration to begin with therefore there's different strips of colours. It doesn't colour unevenly. I've only applied a tiny amount on my roots to cover the hair and it works just fine. The colour is really good. You get a caramelised brown. Not too dark and not too light. Its just nice ^o^



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