Friday, 24 May 2013

My own Diptyque Doll House and candle!!!

OMG - if you are a follower of MillionDollarBeauty, you'd have seen this awesome post - Weekend DIY: Build a Diptyque Doll House and receive a Diptyque candle and Voucher of RM 50. I was so excited about the dollhouse and the candle that I had printed the template and collected the candle, all in the same day LOL!!!

The Dollhouse:

It was office moving day so I was very free and it doesn't take an Einstein to build this doll house!! You can still print the template for decor purpose, its super cute ^o^ I do wish the dollhouse has more dimension because its back looks a bit flat.

The Candle:

I got my candle but I don't have my dollhouse anymore. Oh why did you have to take my creation :( There goes my plans to display my dollhouse in my office.



LauraLeia said...

Woah, so nice! I wanted to print it and redeem the candle too, but I think now it'll be too late T_T

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