Friday, 1 March 2013

Girls Day out at Amante Nail Spa and Body Care

Just a few days ago, my bff called me all the way from the north asking me to go for a manicure with her. What? Me doing manicure? pfft Lol I can't even imagine me sitting down to have a proper lunch. However Jerine made me an offer I couldn't resist ^o^ - TWG after our manicure!!! OH HELL YES I'LL GO!!! I'm not a big fan of manicure, never had one done due to time constrain and also the nature of my current "job" doesn't allow me to keep the colours on for long. 

Despite so, Jerine booked a place for 2 at AMANTE Nail Spa & Body Care inTime Square. It does seem like the perfect place to relax and unwind.

What!!! 50% off for all newcomers? I'm so gonna take up the offer and pamper myself today. I love myself too much to give up on massage. Since both of us are free we decided to add a session of massage to our NAILTEK Spa Manicure (RM 123 - RM 62). I chose to have the Hot Stone Aromatherapy Body Massage (RM 188 - RM 66) and Jerine decided on Aromatherapy Body Massage (RM 132 - RM 66).

Now let the pampering begin:

My manicurist of the day - See had cleaned and scrubbed my hand before giving me a hand massage. I was told that Manicure Spa is different because there's a few extra steps to ensure the customers feel luxuriously pampered!!!! There's the aromatic salt rub, hydrating mask and warming mittens!!!

Jerine having her nail polish removed!! Gosh if you had seen her nails, you'll be rolling on the floor like me. 

After applying the Hydrating Lotion, both my hands were cling wrapped tightly!!! Hai-Ya, Don't mess with me - I can karate chop anything right now.

Me with my warming mittens. Lol aren't they just cool. The mitten was left on for approximately 15 minutes.

See (my manicurist) took the cling wrap off and applied this green anti-wrinkle hand mask all over my hand. As you can see it has a very thick texture. I think I'd look very much like a scaly green Hulk if I were to apply it all over my body. Whilst waiting for the mask to dry, See continued to file my nail.

The anti-wrinkle hand mask is really amazing. You can see from the photo above that my left hand is brighter, clearer and more smooth than the right hand. Talk about instant results!!! I had a sudden urge to get the hand mask on the spot but alas its not for sale *sobbing*.

More comparison photos:


Time for masage!!!! Of course you can't have your nails done and go for a massage, that would be disastrous ^o^

The Hot Stone Massage:

They put both Jerine and I in the same room, I'm not sure if this is a good idea because we have a tendency to chat and joke at everything, even when we are under pressure!!!!

Check out the massage bed, it looks heavenly.

and here are my hot stones!!!!

Jerine manage to take a photo of me before the massage.

OMG the hot stone was really STINGING HOT. When the masseur put the stones near my butt, I wanted to wriggle and "knock it off". I'm the type of person who can bear the pain from cuts and bruises but this heat was a bit too much especially when it stays at one spot!!!! Yet, it was sad that the massage had to end. I was really enjoying it after getting use to the heat. My whole body felt warm, as if the heat was glowing from inside my body. That lingering feeling was soo nice that it felt like I"m in my bed with the heater switched on during winter!!!! I simply love my hot stone massage, would definitely have another session in the near future.

Did you know that hot stone massage is meant for inducing blood circulation. Ladies, its best to do it before or after your period. You'll love the massage - just endure that heat.

Well back to our manicure. Amante mainly uses OPI nail polish. I have an addiction to OPI ever since Jerine introduced it to me. There was a lot of colours that I wanted to try and I didn't know what to do with my nails.

In the end, I opted for a safer choice. What do you think? Its my first French mani. The top strip is Fly from Nicky Minaj collection. I can't recall the pearly white base but its really lovely.



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