Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Vid Share: STOP IT!!!!

Hi everybody, my external drive had just crashed and couldn't upload any post for the moment but I would like to share a super awesome video. I was very fortunate to have attended an event with Jeff and Kane from Industry Rockstars for the weekend and during that time we were exploring aspects of how people have self-destructive behaviours. This video is a great example of what we deal with everyday and our responses to our internal monsters.

Have a look -

What do you think about the video? Did you have an a-ha moment? I'd love to hear what you felt and what went through your mind after you watch it. I'm thinking of sticking a poster with the words STOP IT in my bedroom just so I don't become destructive on my goal ^o^

Hope you've enjoyed the video as I did!!!!


illy ariffin said...

hahaha.. very funny.. STOP IT.. STOP IT :P

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