Friday, 25 October 2013

Halloween Makeup Look inspired by Promise Phan's Creepy Stitched Doll video

Hello lovelies,

Its end of October and there are sooo many fun parties to attend. Why? because its HALLOWEEN!!! Well actually I don't celebrate Halloween nor do I party around (seriously busy at the moment) but I was sooo inspired after watching Promise Phan's new video: Creepy Stitched Doll (Halloween) that I had spontaneously requested Jerine from milliondollarbeauty to do a similar inspired makeup look and guess what happened!!!

We call it Mama Ghost and rebellious daughter ghost!!!! I absolutely love this photo. I do find Jerine's makeup is soo much scarier than mine. I've had comments that I just look like some emo kid going to a rock concert. Ah well, can't please everyone now can we.

Lets have a close up of my face:

Ok that was scary LOL. The makeup is actually super easy to do. ok I admit I had overdone my eyes as compared to Promise Phan's but it just makes it sooo special to me :P

The products that was used:

For my look:

NYX Nude on Nude makeup palette
SEPHORA Blockbuster palette
HEAVY ROTATION Perfect Liquid Eyeliner
MAYBELLINE NEW YORK the Rocket Volum' Express
CYBER COLORS Eye Definer Pencil in Deep Black 01
brandless fake eyelashes
DUO lash glue

REVLON New Complexion Loose Face Powder in Translucent #02
ESSENCE Mouse makeup in 04 matt ivory

ELF brush set

The how to:

1. Create a pale skin with your normal makeup or better yet go 1 shade lighter
2. Darken your eyebrows and go THICK THICK THICK!!!!
3. You can start with a normal smokey eye look and blend the eyeshadow outwards. (Keep your face pale and grey)
4. Stick fake lashes on the top and bottom (the more extravagant and crazy your lashes are the better the effect)
5. Contour the lower cheek with greyish brown. Remember to always always keep your face pale and grey.
6. Draw lines in XXX over your lips with your eyeliner.
7. Use a pointy brush and dip light brown shade over the tip of your X's, keep it light.
8. Dip some reds in the middle to create a pricked effect.

Well think that's all for my look. Don't forget to check out Jerine's blog for how she does her look too, you'll be blown away, I guarantee it.

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Unknown said...

Hello, Christine! Nice blog you got here!
Wow! That's a scary look!
I went to Halloween party 2 years ago and it was a lot of fun. The theme that year was lolita. Damn, it was great party!
Hopefully you'll have a lot of fun and enjoy the rest of this weekend.

Oh, do drop by my blog at

I followed you cause I love to read more and see your other looks. ^_^

xx, Mira

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