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Wednesday 1 January 2014

Bloop party nails - Nail Polish and Nail it Strip review x Hishop


Bloop Nail Polish

(selling at RM 28.00 for 3)


Bloop Nail It Strip

(selling at RM 38.00 for 3 packs)

This is the one for fingernail. The designs are really interesting. Its not something that I would choose over the counter. I'm more of a cute or lace design person.

This is the one for toe. I would say this is rather interesting. I have not painted my toe nails in such extravagant colours/design so it'd be really interesting to see how it will look on my toes!!!

Bloops nail strip has

- no drying time
- super thin
- fast and easy to use
- made with environmental-friendly materials
- allows air to penetrate through to nails
- last 5-7 days


Want to see more of their available nail polish colours and nail it sticker designs? Check out Hishop's page here.

P/S:  If you want to grab the nail polish and sticker from Hishop, now is the time!!! Hishop has an ongoing promotion for all their subscribers

Rebate of RM 20 with minimum purchase of products worth RM 99

Just enter the code: BLOOPNAILS
*promotion ends 31st January 2014*


Review on Bloop Nail it! strip

How to nail it with Bloop?

Make sure nails are clean before using the nail strip. Use bloop nail polish remover for effective cleaning.

1. Choose the best strip size for each nail and remove the transparent protective layer.
2. Align nail strip and cut off excess, leaving enough to cover your nails. 
(The reason why I'd cut off the excess is so that I can re-use the extra strips)
3. Place the nail strip on the nail and rub strip over the nail starting from the center, working it out towards the sides. 
(I find it easier to place the nail strip slightly slanted towards one side of the nail and then only cut off the excess. This gives a clean straight cut over the side. Also, use a sponge or similar tools to remove any excess bubbles underneath the strips.)
4. Press the excess nail strip across the edges of the finger nail.
5. Using a nail file, file off the excess strip in a downward motion.
6. Rub striped nails again to move any excess bubbles.
7. For a longer lasting wear, apply a layer of bloop top coat nail polish. (I'm using the quick dry top coat from butter london)

How to remove the nail strip:
1. Remove top coat with nail polish remover.
2. Dip nails in warm water for 5-10 minutes. Peel off nail strips.
3. Remove any excess with bloop nail polish remover.


What I think about it:

I love this nail strip, its so super easy to apply. I did struggle a bit with the sides as my finger-nail bed is smaller than the strips given. Overall I love the simple concept of cut and stick!!!! Maybe this year, I can save up on salon manicure when Chinese New Year comes. LOL. 

Have you tried nail strips before? I'm still a beginner at this, do share your experience on how to get the perfect nail strip manicure at home!!!




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Monday 30 December 2013

December 2013 Christmas haul at Sephora- Butter London Backstage Basics

Butter London Backstage Basics


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Sunday 15 December 2013

Malaysia's new jewellery subscription box - Little Black Box (Hipster, Girlie Girl and Classic Chic)

Hi beautiful, 

It's such a lovely day to be sharing something new. Today I want to show the items that I had received from my jewellery subscription. Yeap Malaysia has a new subscription box and its call Little Black Box!!! Round of applause for the first ever jewellery subscription box in Malaysia. This month, the wonderful founders have chosen 3 different types of jewellery for the subscribers - Classic Chic, Hipster and Girlie Girl. Well I dont' relate to girly girl as much so I had only subscribed to the first 2 boxes but guess what surprise I had in my box - all 3 boxes!!!!!

Classic Chic 


 Girlie Girl

Next months box:

OH dear which one shall I get now!!!?!?? I think it'll be the great gatsby and the greek goddess!!! Can't wait to get it ady :D


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Wednesday 4 December 2013

My favourite River Island Style!!!!

Formal/ Office wear:

Office or formal wear does not need to be just plain black and white (unless you are in the legal profession, I don't see why you can't mix and match colours for office, it brightens up everything!!!!) For me, I love dresses that can show a woman's curve and in bold or solid colours. Here's the look I had put together for a Smart, Casual, Fun and Sophisticated office look with solid colours!!!

Dress: River Island Fluro Pencil Dress RM 219.00
Earring: River Island Luxe Swirl Studs RM 30.00
Necklace: River Island Gold Tone Filigree Heart Necklace RM 39.00
Shoe: River Island Metal Trim Peep Toe Shoe Boots RM 309.00
Bag: River Island Quilted Tassel Satchel RM 199.00

For a more Confident, Independant and Sophisticated look. I would choose darker solid colours to go with the same dress.

Dress: River Island Fluro Pencil Dress RM 219.00
Statement Necklace: River Island Hermatite Fabric Back Statement Necklace RM 69.00
Earring: River Island Crystal Heart Studs RM 30.00
Bag: River Island Colour Block Holdall Tote RM 249.00
Shoes: River Island Zip Back Platform Court Shoes  RM335.00


Dinner/ Evening wear:

Oh this is my absolute favourite!!! I think every girl/woman/lady should own at least one chiffon or flowy dress, it really brings out the sensuality in you. For my evening look I had choosen:

Dress: River Island Embellished Bell Sleeve Dress RM 199.00
Earring: River Island Gold Tone Encrusted Leaf Earrings RM 55.00
Clutch: River Island Laser Cut Metal Plate Trim Clutch Bag RM 139.00
Shoes: River Island Slinky Chain Trim Barely There Sandals RM 249.00


Well I can't deny it, I love all of the items above. What's your favourite style? 


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Sunday 24 November 2013

Launch of "It's ME" eau de parfum by CarloRino at Pavillion KL and their Fall/Winter 2013 collection in stores

Morning lovelies,

December month is just at the corner and we all know what this special month brings!!!! A lot of gifts!!! Have you prepared your wishlist to be given to Santa? If you haven't then here's a few great items for your list -

All from the famous

Many people have told me that Carlo Rino merchandise are for old Aunties. They associate the name with items which are not trendy and very old fashioned. Well I didn't know that!!! Seriously, I bought a Carlo Rino wallet when I first came back to Malaysia in 2010 and the brand was already moving towards featuring young, trendy and chic leather goods. Here's a peak at my purse that I have been keeping by my side for soooo long.


Launch of La PARFUM "It's ME" @ Pavillion KL:

The CarloRino "It's Me" Parfum is made in France!!! Inspired by fresh florals that instantly refreshes your senses, giving you the true scent of love and freedom. A trendy scent of belongings, lingering memorable moments for the simple, true of one self.

I absolutely love the scent - it started off with a really light floral and green tea scent, which is kind of stimulating for the mind. Mind you, I am the type of person who gets dizzy easily with perfumes and I tend to have gagging response to people's perfume (especially if its too strong!!!)

The best part? I get to go with my Best Friend!!!

CarloRino had a fashion show themed Whimsical Wonderland at Center Court to display their new range of bags: (sorry there's not much photos, my camera wasn't quick enough for it ) but guess who was MC for the day!!! Terry from RedFM!!!

ehem, back to the bags, wellI did manage to get a few shots at the end!!!!

I was really surprised when Terry announced that there was a SPOT, SNAP and WIN contest!!! OMG I really want to win a CarloRino bag. I actually made Jerine wait for me till the end of the launch so that I can have a chance in winning it!!!

Guess what!!! *squeal and scream** I really WON!!! Here's a quick photo session with all the winners and Christy Chan who is the A&P Manager of CR Boutique!!!

The Carlo Rino bag:


The Fall/Winter 2013 Collection that is available in stores now!!!! Enjoy ^o^

Work, Play and celebrate this wonderful season with Carlo Rino's Fall/Winter 2013 collection!!!


My favourties in this collection? - Monogram must have; Style that's Sophisticated; Who let the cat out of the bag and Hot Stuff (I'd really love to have this for work!!!)






Can't get enough of Carlo Rino? Visit their website @ for more info on their merchandise or better yet go to their nearest branch in Malaysia and have a look at the products yourself!!!

P/S: Want to win some Carlo Rino merchadise for yourself? There's a competition going on at Carlo Rino's FB page at the moment, do check it out!!!


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